Complete training on Bubble: develop your startup

Complete training on Bubble: develop your startup, Learn how to create complex web apps like AirBnB, Yelp, Twitter, without code using Bubble.

What is Bubble?

Bubble is a no-code platform that lets you build complex, professional-looking web applications. This is the best way to develop your application in a few days. It comes with responsive web design, element manipulation, database functionality, workflow management, and a host of community-created third-party plugins and APIs that can enhance your app like Stripe, Plaid, and more. Again ! Bubble has been ranked as the # 1 No-Code platform of 2020.

What are the main characteristics of Bubble? / Why should I learn Bubble?

  • Codeless Platform  : Bubble uses a drag and drop system and logic functions instead of complicated code, but still powerful and comprehensive to run AirBnB or even Facebook. It’s the next evolution in web development.
  • Build it fast  : Since Bubble is a no-code platform, you can build your app in days, not months.
  • Total Freedom : Bubble allows you 100% complete freedom with your website – edit, add, delete and change anything and everything on your web app
  • Sophisticated / Comprehensive : Bubble comes with a robust and scalable database management system and workflow integration that lets you build virtually any application.
  • Collaboration  : Its version control system allows you to manage changes and collaborate with up to 40 other people
  • Plugin Community : Plugins developed by the Bubble community extend your app by allowing third-party elements, like payment, referral, analytics, and more! You can even integrate your own REST API.

Why this course?

Create amazing business web apps like Twitter, Asana, Todoist, AirBnB, Trip Advisor, Yelp and launch your startup, SaaS or any web product in days instead of months without code using the Bubble ecosystem.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to build the next big business without a full time developer? Do you want to quickly create an MVP for your startup idea or quickly create your side business? Harness the power of codeless web application development using Bubble.

Bubble is ranked as the No.1 Codeless Tool of 2020 . Apps built on Bubble have raised over $ 1 billion (see: Plato, Dividend Finance, Plato, all of which were created using Bubble). With Bubble, you can create everything from sophisticated marketplaces like AirBnb to SaaS like Trello, to simple landing pages. It’s the best of no-code development  !

This course is the only comprehensive guide you will need for Bubble. It covers everything from beginner topics like pages, inputs, and items to more advanced topics like plugin implementation, messaging, and data manipulation. The course also guides you step by step and assumes that you have no experience building web applications or Bubble.

The course is designed for you to become an expert on Bubble . We will learn all the required building blocks first and then create our own working Bubble apps from scratch. We are also updating the course continuously!

We look forward to welcoming you to the course and hope you obtain the certificate. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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