Dropshipping BootCamp: How to start your Digital Business?

Dropshipping BootCamp: How to start your Digital Business?, 4 simple steps that will guide you to implement your digital Dropshipping business in a profitable and scalable way.

Here’s the perfect solution if you want to take action and build your successful digital business , even if you’ve already tried it all.

In an ideal combination of classes in video format and 100% practical activities, you will apply each concept learned from the hand of an expert in digital marketing, until you achieve your first sales. In addition, you will learn how to carry out a structured and profitable sales escalation process that will grow your business and achieve the financial freedom you have always dreamed of.

Another aspect that you will find is how to work on your mentality? It is an essential part for you to be successful in any endeavor and Ecommerce is no exception. Having the correct and winning mindset is one of the main keys to successful entrepreneurs, complemented by habits that strengthen it and shape the mind of a leader.

In summary you will find:

How and what to sell?

Sales Techniques (Ideal Client, Copywriting) and Winning Products.

Effective Sales in FB Ads

BM, Account, Pixel and Events configuration. Creation of Conversion Campaigns.

How to Optimize and Scale?

Optimization techniques for conversion campaigns and sales scaling (Vertical and Horizontal).

Mindset for success

Right habits and thoughts to be successful in a digital venture.

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