Ethical Hacking: Linux Backdoor

Ethical Hacking: Linux Backdoor, Detect and Create Linux Backdoors.

A linux backdoor is usually a tool that allows you to forward connect to a server by using ssh and then execute commands on the remote machine. But it could also be a reverse shell, where instead the server connects to your attack box and lets you run commands on the server. . A backdoor can be placed in a file belonging to an unsuspecting user, e.g. in .bashrc, .profile or .login. But there are many more ways a backdoor can be installed.

In this course you will learn about various ways a backdoor can be installed on Linux. You will learn how hackers can compromise your system and to do it yourself. The backdoor runs hidden and is usually not visible in the process list. It allows the remote user to run arbitrarily defined commands on the victim’s machine without them knowing it.

The usual security advise is apply patches provided by your OS vendor as soon as possible. Additionally, running only necessary processes with elevated privileges should be considered – especially on publicly facing servers and workstations. But that isn’t enough, so in this course you will learn how to detect a backdoor.

It is a beginners course. You don’t need prior knowledge except basic Linux knowledge, like the basic commands. It helps if you have some knowledge on Linux servers. If you want to check your system for backdoors or if you want to install backdoors yourself, this course is for you.

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