Python programming

Python programming, Learn programming with Python.

Learn to program with the Python programming language.
It is a very versatile language with which you can carry out all kinds of applications.
You can use it for the web with the necessary frameworks, once you have learned the basics of this language.
Also used for data analysis and visualization, machine learning, deep learning, etc.
There is a huge community supporting this language and numerous frameworks and libraries that make programming much easier for us.

Both Python and the editors shown and used in the course are Open Source, they can be downloaded and used freely.

The videos are totally practical and we will gradually advance with the basic structures.

More than 10 hours of video, where we will see from basic operations to file and database management, along with window programming to make our applications more visually attractive.

At the end you can see videos of sample applications.

If as a student you are adapted to other editors or browsers, there is no problem in using it.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through the different channels and social networks, also visit my YouTube channel where I have numerous tutorials published on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python …

On the YouTube channel you can access the different content through the lists that I have created to categorize the different tutorials that I have uploaded to the channel.

You can also contact via emal.

I hope the course is useful and that it is a good start in the Programming, thank you very much.

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